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Helping elite athletes keep at the top of their game


Great Britain Trap Shooter

Georgina is a shotgun shooter, representing Wales and Great Britain at Olympic Trap. She has represented her country numerous times in places such as Russia, India, UAE, Qatar and most of Europe! She has been to so many competitions world-wide; Malaga Grand Prix, European Championships, Vivaz Grand Prix, World Championships, Qatar Grand Prix and many more! She is the youngest coach for British Shooting and is also an ambassador for The Mintridge Foundation. As an ambassador, she tries to promote shooting disciplines and encourage further participation in sport. Her achievements are extensive, and her future looks exciting. Georgina has her sights set on Olympic Gold and driving positivity across the shooting sport. With her determination and passion for her sport, she was shortlisted for the Women of the Future awards in the Sport surprise that she WON! This is a fantastic achievement and I'm very happy I get to work alongside Georgina and keeping her at peak physical function.



Welsh Youth Horse Rider

Rachel started riding at the age of 3! She joined Pony Club and excelled. She went on to qualify and compete at the Pony Club National Championships in both 2017 & 2018. In 2017 she was also awarded the Intermediate Showjumping Horsemanship Award. Rachel currently has 3 rides, her 2 ponies, Jasper & Sol and her horse Louie! Rachel has had many achievements with all 3 horses by qualifying, competing and being placed nationally and competing up to 1.20m. She has qualified and placed at too many competitions to name! Some being the Blue Chip Winter Championships, National British Championships, National Amateur Finals & Scope Festival. She said her biggest achievement was being selected for the Welsh Debut Team at the Scottish Home Pony International with Jasper and the team taking GOLD! In 2020, she will be competing at senior level with all 3 of her rides. Her goal is to one day compete for Team GB as a Young Rider.


Welsh Champion Bodybuilder

Paul has been a client of mine from the very start. He has been a keen gym goer for years. He attends the gym every single day without fail! And in recent years he had taken an interest in the competitive world of bodybuilding. He took up bodybuilding aged 28. He found it extremely fascinating and just knew he could be successful at it. Because Paul trains extremely hard pushing all his limits, he has had numerous injuries in which I have always treated and fixed.
Interestingly, Paul has never had a coach, he has done all of his competition prep on his own, all of his training plans on his own and all of his diet prep on his own. He has been very successful in the competitions he has done. He had his first competition in 2017 and he has been hooked ever since competing regularly since then. Some achievements of his include placing 1st overall at the PCA Welsh Championships 2017, competing in the British Finals Championships 2017, and participating in the PCA Welsh Championships 2018.



Champion Bikini Competitor

Emily is a bodybuilder competing in the smallest division of the sport which is the bikini category. Emily took her first win at her first ever show back in 2018, since then she has competed multiple times in numerous Federations often taking 1st or 2nd place. She has also been awarded 2 Pro Cards by 2 different Federations meaning she can compete at the professional level against other professionals within the federation.
It's vital Emily's body is in full working function all year round in order to build muscle mass in offseason and to maintain muscle mass when she cuts for a show. 
Emily first came to me in October 2019 with a Supraspinatus issue in one shoulder. Her issues then spread to both shoulders. Her recovery was a long process, but we persisted with active rest, rehab and treatment and a few months later she gained full mobility, strength, and use of her shoulders again. She is now looking to compete at the back end of the 2020 competing season which I look forward to supporting her with and ensuring she is in full working condition!


Welsh Champion Boxer & British hopeful

Jake is a 24 year old Welsh boxer from Shotton Boxing Club. Amazingly, he only took up the sport in 2016 but has already made great strides in achieving a 12-3 record and is now Welsh, Tri-Nation and British titleholder in the featherweight division. In December 2019, Jake went on to beat a Team GB boxer, his defeat means he will be assessed for a funded place on Team GB or turn professional later this year which is a fantastic achievement. Some other achievements include Welsh Elite Champion 2019, GB Sri-Nation champion and GB Championship winner. He is highly successful at what he does and it's now a way of life for Jake.
He lives and breathes the sport, regularly waking up at 5am to train in the mornings or complete his morning cardio work. Jake has been a client of mine for a few years now and finds our sessions very beneficial.

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